Retaining Walls

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Erosion is a natural, but potentially destructive process in which soil is actually washed off your property. This erosion can result in damage to trees, shrubs, and other plantings, the collapse of a driveway, or even more serious damage to your home or property.

A retaining wall can provide stability to a hillside, create new outdoor living spaces, and add a beautiful element to a sloping landscape. Retaining walls can surround your landscape hideaway or garden pond to give you both privacy and protection. Most importantly, a retaining wall can take unusable, sloping hillsides and instead, create new, usable “flat space” for your outdoor area.

Retaining walls are only as good as their construction. We adhere to the highest design practices and standards when designing and installing a retaining wall. If a retaining wall, whether two feet or ten feet in length, stone or block, is not constructed using the proper base preparation, drainage techniques, and backfill compaction, it will shift or even collapse at some point in the future.

Your sloped area may require an SRW (segmental retaining wall) to control erosion of a hillside or other area. We use geogrids, net-shaped synthetic polymer-coated fibers, to reinforce the sloped area. These geogrids provide a stabilizing force within the soil structure itself, which occurs as the soil “fill” interlocks with the grid itself. A properly installed geogrid can support the weight of automobiles and even houses and other structures!

We understand the problems that can occur when a retaining wall is improperly designed or installed. We do not cut corners when installing retaining walls and you can rest assured that your Auman Landscape designed and installed retaining wall will provide many years of safety and security. We can either build stand-alone retaining walls or design and install a retaining wall as part of your next landscape design project!

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