Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is more than just landscape lighting – it’s outdoor lighting! We want your nighttime property to be as beautiful and functional as it is during the daylight hours. A properly designed and implemented outdoor lighting solution will illuminate your property’s very best features. Here are some key benefits of an landscape / outdoor lighting system:

Atmosphere – You want to create an atmosphere throughout your landscape and outdoor areas that is eye-catching, memorable, and creates a wonderful mood.
Functionality – You want a lighting system that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor areas just as much at night as you do during the daylight hours.
Safety – You want to be sure that you and your guests can safely and easily navigate otherwise dark and dangerous passageways during the evening hours.
Security – You want to illuminate potential hiding areas criminals might use and discourage them from considering your property as a theft target.
Economy – Low-voltage LED systems use just a fraction of the energy used by traditional halogen or incandescent lighting systems.
Protection – Low-voltage LED systems are just that – low voltage. If you accidentally cut a line, no one will be injured due to electric shock.

You can see from the beautiful images, above, that we design beautiful hardscapes: paver patios, paver walkways, retaining walls, and other outdoor features. Auman Landscape is your total outdoor landscape solution!

The perfect addition to any landscaping project whether it is hardscaping, landscaping, retaining walls, a water feature, pool, or just even your house is landscape lighting. With so many choices and companies out there it is easy to get overwhelmed with fixture choices and then the colors of light.

Our team can come evaluate the house and what is currently used and then narrow a few choices down for you from there. The difference between having a landscape professional purchase and install your fixtures and going to your local box store is the guarantee on the work, quality of the fixture, and an appropriate design that will add value to your home.

Landscape Lighting in a project can add a sense of warmth to your project and make it very inviting and enjoyable to be out in the evening hours. Outdoor lighting can also aid in the prevention of break ins and theft.

Landscape Lighting services serving the Fairfield County Area: Lancaster, Pickerington, Carroll, Bremen, Rockbridge, Sugar Grove, Lithopolis, Canal Winchester, Thornville, Amanda, Pleasantville, Circleville, the hocking hills and Logan.